905nm, 75W, 225μm Invisible Pulsed Laser Diode

RLD90QZW3 realizes a longer detection distance and improved sensing accuracy due to its narrow emission width. ROHM's unique structure makes it possible to achieve high energy conversion efficiency and reduce wavelength fluctuations, and contributes to lower power consumption and longer life. Uses the industry standard Φ5.6 package. Ideal for laser range finders, automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), and security applications.

Product Detail

Part Number | RLD90QZW3 (RLD90QZW3-00A for Sample)
Status | Recommended
Package | φ5.6mm CAN
Unit Quantity | 500
Minimum Package Quantity | 500
Packing Type | Tray
RoHS | Yes
Product Longevity Program | 10 Years


Wavelength λp[nm]


Optical Output Po (Max.Rating)[W]


Forward Current IF (Max.Rating)[A]


Optical Output Po[W]


Threshold Current Ith[A]


Forward Current IF[A]


Forward Voltage VF[V]




θ// [deg]


Emission area [μm x μm]

225 x 10

Measurement pulse condition

Pulse width 50ns duty 0.05%

Topr (Max. Rating) [℃]


Package Size [mm]


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  • Optical output power 75W(Pulse)
  • Narrow light emission pattern
  • Φ5.6 metal stem

Supporting Information



The RLD90QZW3 is a 75W infrared high optical output laser diode designed for LiDAR used in distance measurement and spatial recognition in 3D ToF (Time of Flight) systems. Leveraging original device development technology allows ROHM to achieve an unprecedented emission width of 225μm at equivalent optical output. This is 22% narrower than conventional products, improving beam characteristics. At the same time, uniform emission intensity together with low temperature dependence of the laser wavelength ensure stable performance – contributing to higher accuracy and expand longer distances in various LiDAR applications. Moreover, a power conversion efficiency (which is at trade-off with narrow emission width) of 21% – the same as standard products (at a forward current of 24A and 75W output) – enables use without an increased power consumption.

Key Features

1. The industry’s narrowest emission width (225μm) contributes to longer range and greater accuracy

The RLD90QZW3 leverages original patented laser diode device development technology to achieve high 75W output for LiDAR along with the narrowest emission width (225μm) on the market. High density emission translates to superior beam performance. What’s more, in addition to successfully achieving uniform emission intensity across the entire emission width, the temperature dependence of the laser wavelength is extremely low at 0.15nm/°C, reducing susceptibility to temperature changes to ensure stable performance.
As a result, compared to standard products (emission width: 290μm, temperature dependence: 0.25nm/°C) with the same optical output power, emission width and temperature dependence have been decreased 22% and 40%, respectively, providing longer ranging in LiDAR applications as well as higher accuracy at standard distances.

Comparison of the Luminous Intensity of the light Emitting BlockComparison of the Effects of Temperature Changes

2. Equivalent power-optical conversion efficiency (PCE) allows for worry-free use without increasing power consumption

Patented technology is used to achieve the industry’s narrowest width in the same optical output class while delivering equivalent power conversion efficiency (which is in a contrary relationship) as standard products (PCE: 21% at 24A I,F, 75W output). This ensures worry-free use without increasing power consumption.

3. Comprehensive support enables quick market introduction

A broad range of design support data is also available on ROHM’s website free of charge, including simulation data (SPICE models, Ray data), board development data, and application notes on drive circuit design necessary for integration and evaluation that supports quick market introduction. Click on the URL below for more information.

Reference Design / Application Evaluation Kit

    • Reference Design - REFLD002
    • Laser Driver Reference Design with GaN HEMT for High-Resolution LiDAR
    • The range of uses for LiDAR sensors is expanding to include not only autonomous driving, but also applications in the industrial and infrastructure fields. LiDAR sensors are required to have longer sensing distance and higher resolution, and in addition to improving the characteristics of the laser diode, it is necessary to drive the laser diode at higher speeds and power. ROHM offers a lineup of 905nm high power narrow emission width laser diodes. (RLD90QZWx Series) Reference designs are available that includes EcoGAN™, a next-generation device capable of high-speed drive, along with a high-speed gate driver for GaN HEMTs that contribute to improved LiDAR sensor characteristics (distance and resolution) .

      • Enables high-speed driving of laser diodes - a key device in LiDAR applications
      • Includes next-gen EcoGaN™ devices
      • Built-in high-speed gate driver for GaN HEMTs (BD2311NVX-C)
      • Two circuit types: square wave and resonant


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