Approach to Environment

ROHM Initiatives to Preserve the Global Environment

To fulfill our corporate social responsibility towards environmental problems worldwide, the ROHM Group actively promotes environmental conservation initiatives through business activities. Here we introduce our basic policy and the contents of our environmental activities.

Environmental Management Promotional Structure

Our group-wide management system is implemented to ensure all corporate management activities take environmental concerns into account.

Goals and Achievements

We set annual goals based on environmental objectives and tirelessly strive to achieve and improve on them.

Efforts for Environmental Conservation

The ROHM Group has been making various efforts through its business activities to realize a sustainable society, including the development of environmentally-conscious products and a reduction in water risk.

Environmental Data Book

An Environmental Data Book summarizing our activities and performance is available for download.

Environmental Certifications and Feedback from Customers

Verify the ISO 14001 certification status for each group company and feedback from customers.