Message from Our President

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Message from Our President

Tadanobu Fujiwara President ROHM Co.,Ltd.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of ROHM, which was founded in 1958 as a resistor manufacturer. On behalf of everyone at ROHM I would like to give thanks and express how grateful we are to all of our stakeholders.
For 60 years, in the midst of a business environment that has undergone significant changes and encountered numerous difficulties, we remain steadfast in our resolve to contribute to the advancement of culture and society by providing innovative, high-quality products based on our Company Mission established since ROHM was founded. At the same time we will continue to promote CSV activities and work to resolve social issues (SDGs).
Under the new system, each employee will carry out our Company Mission and basic management policy to achieve further growth while continuing to pursue new methods to improve quality.

'Quality First' - Unwavering since our founding

ROHM offers a number of products that have become key devices in a wide range of fields, particularly in the industrial equipment market where energy conservation and IoT conversion are required, as well as in the automobile industry which is experiencing increased innovation.

Supporting our product development is a vertically-integrated production system in which all steps, from development to production, are implemented within the Group. “Quality is our top priority at all times” has become our mindset from the very beginning and one which we continue to maintain and protect. Infusing a high level of quality into every process ensures reliable traceability and an optimized supply chain, allowing us to contribute not only through our products but through an in-house manufacturing system as well that guarantees stable delivery.

Solutions for solving social issues

We are committed to proposing solutions that leverage our considerable lineup, ranging from resistors and discretes to ICs, modules, and more.

Analog power solutions are at the core of what we offer. Our industry-leading analog ICs, which include motor drivers and PMICs, are developed utilizing 3 core technologies covering circuit design, layout, and processes. And by taking advantage of power device technology centered on cutting-edge SiC along with power solutions combining control IC and module technologies that maximize the performance of these devices, ROHM contributes to increased energy conservation and miniaturization in the automotive and industrial equipment fields.

Maintain healthy and vigorous lifestyles and refine intellect
and humanitarianism in order to make meaningful contributions to society

More than anything, it is the 'people' that make the greatest contribution in all corporate activities, and in fact this word can be found in our basic management policy. In an increasingly diversified society, we carry out workplace reforms and accelerate corporate activities by creating a thriving environment that allows every ROHM Group employee to express their individuality and abilities to the fullest, with the goal of meeting the expectations of our stakeholders.

June 2018
Tadanobu Fujiwara, President