Pch -20V -2.0A Small Signal MOSFET for Automotive

RV4C020ZPHZG is a ultra-compact automotive-grade MOSFET that provides superior mounting reliability. RV4C020ZPHZG has the electrode height on the side of the package (130μm) required for vehicle applications by utilizing original Wettable Flank formation technology. The result is a consistent solder quality – even for bottom electrode type products – enabling automatic inspection machines to easily verify solder conditions after mounting. It enables greater miniaturization in automotive devices such as ADAS camera modules.

8-channel power tree Reference Design
For automotive ADAS and Info-Display

Product Detail

Part Number | RV4C020ZPHZGTCR1
Status | Recommended
Package | DFN1616-6W (Wettable Flank)
Unit Quantity | 3000
Minimum Package Quantity | 3000
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes




Common Standard

AEC-Q101 (Automotive Grade)

Package Code


Package Size [mm]

1.6x1.6 (t=0.8)

Number of terminal




Drain-Source Voltage VDSS[V]


Drain Current ID[A]


RDS(on)[Ω] VGS=1.5V(Typ.)


RDS(on)[Ω] VGS=1.8V(Typ.)


RDS(on)[Ω] VGS=2.5V(Typ.)


RDS(on)[Ω] VGS=4.5V(Typ.)


RDS(on)[Ω] VGS=Drive (Typ.)


Total gate charge Qg[nC]


Power Dissipation (PD)[W]


Drive Voltage[V]


Mounting Style

Surface mount

Storage Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Storage Temperature (Max.)[°C]



  • Low on - resistance.
  • Small high power package
  • Low voltage drive(1.5V)
  • 100% UIS tested.
  • Wettable Flank for automated optical solder inspection(AOI). Electrode part 130μm guarantee.


    • Reference Design
    • REFRPT001-EVK-001
    • The REFRPT001-EVK-001 is a board included in power tree solution reference design named as REFRPT001 developed for infotainment devices such as vehicle clusters and center information displays, as well as for ADAS ECUs. The power system that can support functional safety is integrated on a single board, realizing an optimal configuration as a power tree.

  • User's Guide Detail

Design Resources



White Paper

  • For Automotive ADAS/Infotainment application, CISPR25 Class5 compliant 8 rails power tree Reference Design with power rail monitoring for supporting functional safety

User's Guide

  • User's Guide for REFRPT001-EVK-001

Reference Design

  • Application Note for REFRPT001-EVK-001
  • REFRPT001-EVK-001 EMC Test Report

Technical Articles

Schematic Design & Verification

  • Temperature derating method for Safe Operating Area (SOA)
  • Calculation of Power Dissipation in Switching Circuit
  • Method for Monitoring Switching Waveform
  • Importance of Probe Calibration When Measuring Power: Deskew
  • Impedance Characteristics of Bypass Capacitor

Thermal Design

  • What Is Thermal Design
  • Basics of Thermal Resistance and Heat Dissipation
  • Method for Calculating Junction Temperature from Transient Thermal Resistance Data
  • Two-Resistor Model for Thermal Simulation
  • Notes for Temperature Measurement Using Thermocouples
  • What is a Thermal Model? (Transistor)
  • Notes for Temperature Measurement Using Forward Voltage of PN Junction
  • Measurement Method and Usage of Thermal Resistance RthJC
  • Precautions When Measuring the Rear of the Package with a Thermocouple



  • DFN1616-6W 3D STEP Data

Packaging & Quality

Package Information

  • Moisture Sensitivity Level
  • Anti-Whisker formation

Environmental Data

  • About Flammability of Materials
  • About Non-use SVHC under Reach Regulation : Please contact us by filling in the form.
  • Compliance of the RoHS / ELV directive

Export Information

  • About Export Regulations