ROHM’s New IPX8 Rated Barometric Pressure Sensor IC: Compact and High Accuracy

October 26th, 2021

BM1390GLV | ROHM's Barometric Pressure Sensor IC'

ROHM’s new compact high accuracy barometric pressure sensor IC, BM1390GLV (-Z), featuring a waterproof rating of IPX8, is ideal for home appliances, industrial equipment, and compact IoT devices.

Barometric pressure sensors have become popular in wearables and smartphones for indoor navigation, and for acquiring altitude data in activity meters. In recent years, as applications have expanded, there has been an increased demand for waterproof and smaller barometric pressure sensors that are robust and resistant to external disturbances.

In response, ROHM developed a new compact barometric pressure sensor that is waterproof and strong against both temperature fluctuations and mechanical stress. The BM1390GLV combines MEMS and control circuitry cultivated in the past with original waterproof technology to deliver IPX8 waterproof performance in a compact 2.0mm × 2.0mm × 1.0mm package. Furthermore, a proprietary built-in temperature compensation function ensures superior temperature characteristics, while ceramic package minimizes fluctuations of device-specific characteristics caused by mechanical stress during board mounting. These features enable high accuracy barometric pressure measurement in applications requiring waterproof performance – which was difficult to achieve until now – and in environments exposed to large temperature changes.

Going forward, ROHM will continue to develop sensors that pursue greater accuracy and reliability.

Application Examples Structure/Block Diagram

Key Features

1. Compact waterproof IPX8 rated package expands application range
The BM1390GLV achieves IPX8 waterproof performance in the same size as compact conventional packages (2.0mm × 2.0mm × 1.0mm) by combining MEMS and control circuitry cultivated over many years with original waterproof technology. A proprietary structure provides internal protection by using a special gel, making it ideal for industrial equipment and home appliances that require waterproof performance.

2. Superior temperature characteristics and resistance to stress enable high accuracy barometric pressure measurement The BM1390GLV adopts an original temperature compensation function and ceramic material in the package to achieve superior temperature characteristics and stress resistance. This enables high accuracy barometric pressure measurement even in environments subject to temperature changes and stress.

• Integrated temperature compensation function ensures stable measurement accuracy from low to high temperatures
The BM1390GLV includes a temperature compensation function that utilizes a proprietary algorithm. As a result, stable measurement of barometric pressure is possible by minimizing measurement error caused by temperature compared with standard products, enabling mounting close to heat sources (which is conventionally difficult to achieve). At the same time, the external MCU typically used for compensation calculation is no longer required, simplifying design load.

Temperature Characteristics Comparison

• Ceramic package suppresses characteristics fluctuations due to stress
Resin packages used in conventional products can lead to characteristics variations from stress during mounting. In contrast, the BM1390GLV adopts a ceramic package that minimizes stress-induced characteristics fluctuations. This eliminates the layout restrictions required for sensor placement of resin products, contributing to greater design flexibility.

Board Stress Image
Part No. Supply Voltage [V] Pressure [hPa] Relative Pressure Accuracy [hPa] (Typ.) Absolute Pressure Accuracy [hPa] (Typ.) Operating Temperature [Cº] Package Size [mm]
1.7 to 3.6 300 to 1,300 ±0.06 ±1 -40 to +85 2.0 x 2.0 x 1.0

Pricing: $3.0/unit (samples, excluding tax)
Availability: In mass production

BM1390GLV-EVK-001 Evaluation Board

Evaluation Board

Sales Launch Date: June 2021
Online Distributors: Digi-Key, MOUSER, and Farnell
Evaluation Board Part No: BM1390GLV-EVK-001
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Online Distributors

  • Digi-Key
  • Mouser
  • Farnell

Application Examples

  • Home appliances such as rice cookers and vacuum cleaners that require pressure control
  • Industrial equipment requiring waterproof performance, small IoT devices used outdoors, drones, etc.


The IP code indicates the level of protection against foreign particles and water. IPX8 represents the highest waterproof rating.

MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)
A device that integrates miniaturized electromechanical elements, sensors, actuators (drive blocks) on a single substrate.