ROHM at PCIM Europe 2024: Empowering Growth, Inspiring Innovation
Showcasing highly efficient EcoGaN™ and SiC power solutions

May 15th, 2024

Willich/Nuremberg, Germany, May 15th, 2024 – During this year’s PCIM Europe – the leading trade fair for power electronics in Nuremberg, Germany (June 11th – 13th) – ROHM presents its new power semiconductor solutions – with a special focus on wide bandgap devices.
ROHM’s SiC, Si and GaN portfolio is designed to fulfill the needs of various sectors – focusing on e-mobility and power supply applications.
Following its motto “Empowering Growth, Inspiring Innovation,” ROHM demonstrates how it solves social and ecological challenges with its technologies fostering sustainability.

ROHM at PCIM Europe 2024 in Hall 9, Booth 304

ROHM’s product highlights at its booth 304 in hall 9 include:

ROHM – a leading company of SiC – will premiere new SiC power modules for automotive applications at PCIM Europe 2024. In addition to this, ROHM will show the conversion of its production to 8-inch SiC wafers and provide an additional outlook regarding its SiC product development.
ROHM’s 4th Generation SiC MOSFETs realize industry-leading levels of low ON resistance minimizing switching losses and supporting 15V and 18V gate-source voltage.

ROHM exhibits the EcoGaN™ family of 150V and 650V class GaN HEMTs in several Evaluation Kits. The power stage IC BM3GxxMUV-LB series – including built-in 650V GaN HEMTs and gate drivers – will be extended by higher integrated PFC and QR (Quasi-Resonant) flyback converters. These devices provide an optimal solution for all electronics systems that require high power density and efficiency. ROHM will display over 10 boards from its EcoGaN™ family – showcasing their contributions inside industrial solutions.

During the fair, ROHM’s power experts will participate in several panel discussions and conference presentations. Additionally, they will hold poster sessions at the PCIM Europe conference.

More information about ROHM’s show at PCIM 2024:

EcoGaN™ is a registered trademark of ROHM Co., Ltd.