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Powering-up with ROHM at PCIM 2023

Thank you for joining us at PCIM 2023 in Nuremberg! It was an incredible event where the power industry came together to explore the latest advancements and sustainable technologies. We are thrilled to share our highlights from the exhibition and showcase how ROHM's products are driving innovation in various sectors, including e-mobility.

At booth 310 in hall 9, we had the opportunity to engage with industry professionals, enthusiasts, and experts like you. Our team was excited to demonstrate how our high-performance solutions are contributing to a greener and more efficient future. From power management ICs to SiC power devices, we showcased a wide range of products designed to meet the evolving needs of the power industry.

We look forward to meeting you again at PCIM 2024, where we will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and drive sustainable solutions for the power industry. While we gear up for future events, we invite you to dive into our captivating SHOWREEL VIDEO and explore additional content that will keep you informed and inspired. Stay tuned and power up with ROHM!




Half Bridge Evaluation Board: HB2637L-EVK-301

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We want to express our sincerest gratitude for your participation in our recent campaign. Your support and enthusiasm have been incredible! We are excited to announce that we have selected 10 lucky winners. Although you may not have won this time, don't worry! With a little bit of luck, you could be our next winner in future campaigns. We have more exciting opportunities planned just for you. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for our upcoming campaigns.


PCIM forum & conference presentations

Throughout the event, we also had the privilege of hosting conferences and presentations that delved into cutting-edge trends and technologies. These sessions allowed us to share insights, exchange knowledge, and foster meaningful discussions with attendees. We hope that the valuable information shared during these events will continue to inspire and drive advancements in the field of power electronics.

PCIM forums

Poster sessions at PCIM Europe conference:

PCIM conferences

Highlight products

4th Gen. SiC MOSFET: ROHM's cutting-edge SiC MOSFET technology realized industry-leading low ON resistance, minimizing switching losses and supporting 15V and 18V gate-source voltage. It contributes to dramatic miniaturization and low power consumption in various applications including automotive inverters and various switching power supplies.

Gate Driver

Gate Drivers: The BM611x series is a 3,75KV isolation, AEC-Q100 certified gate driver device specially designed for xEV traction inverter application. The product family has a new member: BM6112 is designed for high power IGBT and SiC applications with an unique gate current of 20A.

Intelligent Low Side Power Devices (IPD): ROHM released a new generation of 1-channel and 2-channel 40 V Intelligent (Smart) Low Side Switches: the BV1LExxxEFJ-C and BM2LExxxFJ-C series. The two product families are ideally designed for automotive and industrial applications. They are AEC-Q100 qualified and are suitable for systems such as car body control, engine and transmission control units, LED lighting modules, or industrial PLC (programmable logic controllers).

IPD bv1le bm2le

SCT40xxKW7 4th Gen. 1200V SiC MOSFETs:  are available in 7-pin SMD TO-263-7L package. This 4th Gen. SiC MOSFET has about 40% reduction in on-resistance and about 50% reduction in switching loss compared to conventional products. SCT40xxKW7 series bring benefit to developing compact and cost saving inverters and PFCs for servo drives applications.

New molded SiC power modules: ROHM expands its package portfolio with “HSDIP20” & “DOT247” , installing the latest 4th Gen. SiC MOSFET. 750V & 1200V devices in different RDS_on. “HSDIP” has H-bridge (4in1) & six-pack (6 in1) configurations with inside isolation functions, ensuring application compactness. DOT247 is a unique package in a half-bridge (2in1) configuration with more robust performance for power cycling stress. Both achieve up to 30kW power application depending on their conditions.


heat pump

Gen 3 IGBT-IPM: The 3rd generation IGBT IPM BM6437xS-VA series offers 6 IGBTs, 6 fast recovery bootstrap diodes and 2 driver ICs (High side and Low side) in a single package. The integrated components provide an excellent EMI performance while also contributing to an improved loss behavior.

730V Integrated Fly Back Converters: The BM2P06xMF IC series integrates a 730 V Si MOSFET and a PWM controller in one package. The fly-back ICs do not require any additional heatsink, discharge resistor, or capacitor. They help designers shorten design time, simplify the circuitry, reduce costs, and increase reliability. Ideal for industrial auxiliary power supply and SMPS applications.

AC/DC Converter IC

Built-in 1700V SiC-MOSFETs: BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ series is a quasi-resonant AC/DC converter that provides an optimum system for all products that have an electrical outlet. Quasi-resonant operation enables soft switching and helps to keep the EMI low. This IC can be designed easily because it includes the 1700V SiC (Silicon-Carbide) MOSFET. The burst operation reduces electric power at a light load. BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ series includes various protection functions.


150V GaN HEMT: ROHM’s GNE1040TB & GNE1007TB are optimized for power supply circuits in industrial and communication equipment for industry highest (8V) gate breakdown voltage technology.

AC/DC Converter IC

On top, ROHM will exhibit enhancements to its IGBT and GaN product portfolio at the PCIM 2023 fair.

Meet us

ROHM at PCIM Europe 2023: booth 310, hall 9, Messe Nuremberg, Germany.

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