PCIM Europe 2022

ROHM at PCIM Europe 2022

Do not miss out on this year’s power highlight –  PCIM Europe 2022 (10th - 12th May). The upcoming fair will take place as a hybrid event, namely as a presence trade fair and digitally. ROHM Semiconductor will of course be present at both. We look forward to seeing you in Nuremberg or digitally! We will present the following highlights at hall 9, booth 306 and digitally:

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PCIM forum & conference presentations

ROHM's staff will hold presentations at PCIM Europe 2022 conference and forums. Join us and learn more about the following topics:

PCIM forums
PCIM conferences

Highlight products

The focus applications we target this year are: Traction inverters, OBCs, E-compressors, Solar inverters and chargers and Industrial drives. Below you can find an overview of the corresponding highlight products:

Gen 4 SiC MOSFET: ROHM's cutting-edge SiC MOSFET technology realized industry-leading low ON resistance, minimizing switching losses and supporting 15V and 18V gate-source voltage. They are optimized for automotive powertrain systems including the main drive inverter. On top, they contribute to performance improvement of applications such as power supplies, drives, and more for the industrial market.

Gate Driver

Gate Drivers: The BM611x series is a 3,75KV isolation, AEC-Q100 certified gate driver device specially designed for xEV traction inverter application. The product family has a new member: BM6112 is designed for high power IGBT and SiC applications with an unique gate current of 20A.

Super Junction MOSFET: The fast switching type R60xxYNx series. With the improved on-resistance by using the 4th Generation super junction MOSFETs technology, R60xxYNx enables an efficiency increase in power supplies. Reduced AxRon & RonxQgd supports boost/interleaved & totem pole PFC design.

Super Junction MOSFET YN series

Presto MOSFET: The R60xxVNx series 4th Generation PrestoMOS™ Fast Recovery Diode Super Junction MOSFETs is suitable for switching applications. With its ultra-fast body diode and best-in-class reverse recovery charge it enables increased power density solutions supporting the markets of server, telecom, charging & SMPS (ZVS, LLC).

Gen. 6 Trench MOS: The latest split gate technology (RS6xxxxBG/RS6xxxxBH series) enables higher efficiency, the improved FOM (Reduce Qgd) supports lower switching loss and achieves a 50% reduction of Ron in lower conduction loss, compared to the previous generation. With the new low voltage input process trend, this high current & low on-resistance MOSFET series is suitable for various applications.

Low Voltage Gen. 6 Trench MOS​​​​​​​

IGBT RGS: The RGS series represents ROHM’s large lineup of AEC-Q101 qualified IGBTs in both 1200V-rated and 650V-rated variants. This series delivers class-leading low conduction loss and short circuit ruggedness that is suitable for automotive applications such as HV-heater and e-compressor.

Hybrid IGBT: ROHM’s hybrid IGBT RGWxx65C series has an extremely fast silicon carbide SBD co-packed which enables high-speed switching, low loss, low noise and is AEC-Q101 qualified. The hybrid IGBT series is a cost-effective solution positioned between pure silicon basis solution and the full SiC solution.

Hybrid IGBT

Gen 3 IGBT-IPM: The 3rd generation IGBT IPM BM6437xS-VA series offers 6 IGBTs, 6 fast recovery bootstrap diodes and 2 driver ICs (High side and Low side) in a single package. The integrated components provide an excellent EMI performance while also contributing to an improved loss behavior.

730V Integrated Fly Back Converter: The BM2P06xMF IC series integrates a 730 V Si MOSFET and a PWM controller in one package. The fly-back ICs do not require any additional heatsink, discharge resistor, or capacitor. They help designers shorten design time, simplify the circuitry, reduce costs, and increase reliability. Ideal for industrial auxiliary power supply and SMPS applications.

AC/DC Converter IC
Isolated DC/DC

Isolated DC/DC:  ROHM’s BD7F (10x /20x) series of switching regulators is comprised of isolated fly back converters designed for DC/DC conversion in isolated power supplies for industrial equipment. The optimized optocoupler-less design reduces the number of parts required, providing greater space savings while maintaining reliability.

GaN: ROHM’s industry highest (8V) gate breakdown voltage (rated gate-source voltage) technology for 150V GaN HEMT devices is optimized for power supply circuits in industrial and communication equipment. It solves a long-standing GaN devices problem, the gate breakdown voltage, and contributes to lower power consumption and greater miniaturization of power supplies for base stations and data centers.

AC/DC Converter IC

Hall plan

Visit us at PCIM Europe in Nuremberg, Germany, booth 9-306:

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