ROHM’s Value Creation Process



ROHM’s Value Creation Process

ROHM’s Company Mission is quality first, focusing on power and analog technologies and seeking to solve social problems and improve corporate value by contributing to our customers’ needs for “energy savings” and “miniaturization.” By leveraging our ability to plan and propose products that anticipate customer needs, and by promoting integrated business activities from R&D to sales and customer support, we are able to provide products that guarantee the quality level required by our customers.

Refining Our Value Chain

ROHM effectively and efficiently utilizes various capital resources in its value chain to promote its business activities and ensure a stable supply of high-quality products. As an IDM, the source of our strength is that we ensure high quality in our products through rigorous quality control based on front-loading and quality education that puts quality first.

Refining Our Value Chain


Focusing on power and analog, the Office for Technology Innovation inputs research and development themes to the R&D Division with a view to the medium- to long-term future to strengthen our R&D capabilities. In addition to the key areas of automotive and industrial equipment, we are also working to gather information on new areas.

Research & Development

2Product Planning

Our strategy is to develop, in advance, application specific standard products (ASSPs)* equipped with the functions required by markets. Product marketing engineers (PMEs) investigate the performance and functions required by markets worldwide, and then refine product planning from the perspective of how best to incorporate functions based on market needs.

Our Ability to Plan and Propose Products that Anticipate Customer Needs

3Product Development

With an understanding of both our customers’ needs and our own manufacturing processes’ features, we deliver optimal design by integrating elemental technologies cultivated over many years.
Our total optimization covers integral technologies with semiconductor manufacturing, heat dissipation design, package technology, measurement technology, and more.

Our Ability to Plan and Propose Products that Anticipate Customer Needs


By ensuring quality and stable supply of components and materials, as well as practicing CSR procurement that is mindful of labor, ethics, and the environment, we enable high-quality, safe, and stable manufacturing. We value ongoing relationships of trust and cooperation with our suppliers, and aim to conduct procurement activities that enable sustainable growth for both parties.

Supply Chain Management


To put quality first, we have become an IDM providing a complete production process from materials to finished products within the Group. In addition, we develop our own production equipment to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Initiatives in Manufacturing

6Sales/Customer Support

ROHM offers a rigorous customer support system and solution proposals optimally combining ROHM’s technologies and broad product lineup to provide the performance our customers demand, with a thorough understanding of the functions and characteristics of their products, as well as peripheral circuit configuration.

Our Ability to Plan and Propose Products that Anticipate Customer Needs

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