European Utility Week Communication Power Management Sensors

Join us at European Utility Week 2019. ROHM will showcase its wide range of products for Industrial, Automotive, IoT, smart metering & smart home applications.

You can find ROHM at booth P145 in Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, France from Nov. 12th – 14th 2019.

In Paris ROHM will be among key players in the smart energy ecosystem to present our wide range of products for energy saving and environmentally friendly designs.

Further product information will be updated soon.

Please visit the event website for more information: European Utility Week

Featured Products

Highlighted products

Power Device Solutions

Power Device Solutions

Analog Power Solutions

Analog Power Solutions

Multi-band RF ICs

■ ML7436N - Multi-band Wireless Communication LSI with Micro controller NEW

Suitable for FAN , IoT devices, and available for W/W frequency


  • Integrated MCU ideal for implementing next generation smart meters protocol stack
  • Multi-band(400-960MHz,2.4GHz) high performance RF transceiver included for world wide market.
  • Hardware encryption engine for security


  • Next generation smart meters for FAN (Field Area Network)
  • Power control system for houses and buildings(HEMS/BEMS)
  • IoT Module

ML7436N System Configuration

Supports major Sub-1GHz / 2.4 GHz wireless standards in the world

■ ML7421 - Multi-band Wireless Communication LSI NEW


Operating Frequency Range
400MHz to 960MHz, 2.4GHz
Power Supply
2.6V to 3.6V
Operating Temperature
-40˚C to 85˚C
Excellent Low Consumption Current
TX (13dBm): 27mA
(10dBm): 18mA
(0dBm): 9.9mA
RX :10mA
Sleep (Reg-retention): 0.55uA
Deep Sleep : 0.1 µA
Excellent Low Consumption Current
Data Rate: 1200bps to 300kbps
CH Bandwidth: 1.6KHz-200KHz
36pin WQFN (6x6x0.8mm)
RoHS compliant

ML7421 Block Diagram ML7421 Block Diagram

LPWA (Low Power Wide Area)ICs

■ ML7404-LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) Wireless Communication LSI for IoT NEW

The industry's first dual-mode LPWA support for both Sigfox® and IEEE802.15.4k


  • Configurable for either Sigfox® or IEEE802.15.4k communication via mode setting
  • Industry's first LSI with built-in Sigfox® radio modem
  • IEEE802.15.4k-compliant Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology enables long range wireless communication
  • Superior resistance to system interference allows a single base station to support a larger number of devices


  • IoT networks / Smart agriculture / Disaster management
  • Street lights / Security devices
  • Smart meters for water / electric / gas

BPSK Modem Advantages

Advantages of Hardware-Based BPSK Modulation

Competitor's Sigfox®Competitor's Sigfox<sup>®

LAPIS Semiconductor’s Sigfox® LAPIS Semiconductor’s Sigfox<sup>®</sup>

802.15.4k/Sigfox® / LoRaWAN™ Comparison

Protocol IEEE802.15.4k Sigfox® LoRaWAN™
Frequency Band Sub-GHz Band (Regional Unlicensed Band)
Long Range Scheme DSSS UNB CSS
Data Rate Less than 12.5kbps 100bps 250 to 50kbps
Communication Distance More than 10km More than 10km More than 10km
Communication Direction Two way One way (only UpLink) Two way
Network Construction No restrictions (no communication fee if configured in-house) Restricted to licensed operators (annual fee depends on the amount used) No restrictions (no communication fee if configured in-house)
PHY Standard IEEE802.15.4k Sigfox® proprietary LoRa™ proprietary
Other Features Superior resistance to system interference allows a single base station to support a larger number of devices Same network and cloud service can be used in major cities in 32 countries  


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