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ROHM SiC Schottky Barrier Diode

SiC Schottky barrier diodes are ideal for PFC circuits and inverters. They are available for high voltage resistance, large current circuits. High-speed switching characteristics minimize switching loss, improving device operating frequency.

Electronics Fundamentals
SiC SBD Features


  • Ultra short recovery time
  • Supports high-speed switching
  • Low temperature dependence
  • Low VF (2nd SBD)
Key Ratings
Rated Voltage Rated Current
650V 6A~100A*
1200V 5A~50A
1700V* 10A~50A
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Key Feature 1 : Dramatically lower switching loss

Switching Waveforms (600V10A)

Ultra-short reverse recovery time (impossible to achieve with silicon) enables high-speed switching. This minimizes the reverse recovery charge (Qrr), reducing switching loss significantly, contributing to end-product miniaturization.

trr Temperature Characteristrics

In addition, SiC devices maintain a constant trr regardless of temperature, unlike conventional silicon fast recovery diodes where the trr increases with temperature.
This enables high-temperature driving without increasing switching loss.


ROHM continues to improve its device processes and implement low VF in line with generational changes.

■Achieves lower VF along with generational evolution

Achieves lower VF along with generational evolution

■Low VF and high surge resistance

Low VF and high surge resistance

Key Feature 2 : Stable temperature characteristics

SBD: Forward Characterisrics

SiC diodes exhibit stabler temperature characteristics (i.e. forward voltage) compared with silicon-based devices, simplifying parallel connection(s) and preventing thermal runaway - unlike Si FRDs.


  • Switching mode power supplies
  • PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuits and others
  • Power conditioners used in photovoltaic power generation
  • EV (Electric Vehicle) /HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) inverters and chargers
  • Motor drive
■ Example: PFC Circuit
PFC Circuit
■ Example: Automotive Charging Circuit
Automotive Charging Circuit

Key Feature 3 : A vertically integrated production system ensures high quality and stable supply

A 'Quality First' objective allows ROHM to establish a vertically integrated manufacturing system for SiC production. In addition to acquiring SiCrystal, a German wafer fabrication company in 2009, the ROHM Group continues to implement activities to improve quality throughout the entire manufacturing process, from wafers to packages. World-class manufacturing technologies and stable production capacity provide increased cost competitiveness and ensures a stable, long-term supply of new products.

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