ROHM has been an ardent supporter of the musical arts from the very beginning, starting with 'A History of Music in Pictures,' which was issued in 1965 - shortly after ROHM was founded. Later, along with the ROHM Music Foundation, ROHM began focusing on developing and nurturing young musicians, for example by offering scholarship assistance and sponsoring the Kyoto International Music Student Festival that attracts music students from around the world. And ROHM continues to be involved in musical culture by supporting the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy and Kyoto Symphony Orchestra.
In addition, a number of sponsored musicians (ROHM Music Friends) are currently active at home and abroad.
And in 2016 the newly renovated ROHM Theatre Kyoto is scheduled to host a number of world-class performances, including some by ROHM Music Friends.

All 5 volumes of the 'A History of Music in Pictures' (including sonosheets)

All 5 volumes of the 'A History of Music in Pictures' (including sonosheets)

The history of music, from the middle ages to contemporary, published in booklet and sonosheet formats

ROHM Music Foundation

logo - ROHM Music Foundation

In 1991 ROHM founder Kenichiro Sato established the ROHM Music Foundation in order to ensure continued support for the musical arts. The foundation has carried out a number of business activities aimed at promoting and developing musical culture. In particular, support is provided for young musicians, at home and abroad.

ROHM Theatre Kyoto Music Salon

The Music Salon, permanently established in ROHM Theatre Kyoto's Park Plaza, is a versatile space that allows visitors to interact with music in a variety of ways. It includes a room for viewing operas, orchestras, and other performances on a large screen, space for hosting concerts and seminars, and an area dedicated for exhibiting music-related materials.
A variety of concerts and seminars performed by renowned musicians and ROHM Music Foundation scholars are scheduled to be showcased, along with sound and audio provided by different music organizations as well as work carried out by the ROHM Music Foundation, in order to further expand and promote music culture.

Music Salon Music Salon
3rd Floor East Side, Park Plaza, ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Regular Holidays
Open year-round except for special holidays
Business Hours
10:00 to 19:00
Free (But tickets may be required in some cases)