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Heart Rate Sensor

An optical heart rate sensor measures pulse waves, which are changes in the volume of a blood vessel that occur when the heart pumps blood. Pulse waves are detected by measuring the change in volume using an optical sensor and green LED. Adopting an optical filter optimized for pulse wave detection in the sensor block minimizes the effects of ambient light such as red and infrared rays. This enables high quality pulse signals to be acquired, even outdoors. In addition, leveraging optical sensor technology cultivated over many years allowed ROHM to significantly increase the sensitivity of the sensor block. Support for low brightness low VF LEDs makes it possible to achieve a low power optical heart rate monitoring system without the need for external circuitry (i.e. boost circuit). This contributes to longer operating times in wearables with limited battery capacity.The BH1792GLC achieves high-speed frequency sampling (1024Hz) with low power consumption, providing support for vitals sensing such as measurement of vascular age and stress.

Heart Rate Sensor


Part No. Current Consumption During
Heart Rate Measurement
(Including LED Current)
Onboard Products
BH1792GLC-EVK-001 0.44mA 32 / 64 / 128 / 256 / 1024Hz BH1792GLC
BH1790GLC-EVK-001 0.76mA 32 / 64Hz BH1790GLC

Sensor Module (Sold Separately)


Pinout/Shield Information

Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram

Board Layout

Board Layout

Hardware Settings

Hardware Settings
  • Insert the board into the I2C area
  • Power supply voltage setting (3.0V)
  • Connect the VLED power supply to 5.0V
  • Set the interrupt setting to INT1
  • Set the pull-up setting to INT1