Reference Design

A system-level evaluation board that combines ROHM's IC and discrete products. We have already solved not only the characteristics of individual products but also the problems that may occur when combining them to build a system, thus contributing significantly to the reduction of development time for our customers.

White LED driver BD83A04EFV-M reference design for automotive lighting application (boost operation)


The REFLED002 is a reference design of BD83A04EFV-M LED driver IC dedicated for automotive backlight application. It is including set of evaluation reports, design resources so that users can refer to board design as well as various test report provided in the design.
BD83A04EFV-M is a white LED driver for LCD backlight. Built-in MOS for boost and 4ch constant current drivers for LED Drive, and it is suitable for high illumination LED drive. It is suitable for middle size LCD panel drive because LED pin maximum voltage is 50 V.
The dimming is controlled by the PWM signal and can be set up to 20,000: 1@100 Hz.
It also supports analog dimming and can accommodate even higher brightness ranges by combining with PWM dimming.
The design require LED board attached to REFLED002-EVK-001 board.


  • Automotive backlight reference design
  • Supporting BD83A04EFV-M in boost operation
  • Verified to satisfy EMC CISPR 25 class 5 standard at practical operating condition.
  • Thermal characteristics tested
  • PCB design files are available

Key Specification (Reference design)

Product nameREFLED002-EVK-001
Input Voltage7V to 18V
Output channels4ch
Output current80mA /ch
Size60mm x 80mm


Automotive backlight application for CID, cluster panel, car navigation, HUD, or car audio system


Reference Board Image

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