IPDs (Smart Low Side & High Side Switch ICs)

Smart power switches from ROHM’s IPD (intelligent power device) series are available as low-side or high-side switch ICs to provide you with the right part for your application. The designs of these automotive-grade universal switches integrate a low on-resistance MOSFET and multiple protection circuits into one chip. This provides enhanced protection against cases of overheating, overvoltage, overcurrent, and load short circuiting, ensuring suitability for a variety of industrial applications, including resistance-capacitance-related inducible load installed in engine rooms and compartments.

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* Gen (Generation) means the IPD development process generation.
Family Function Generation RDS (ON) (Typ.)[mΩ]
8-28 40-70 80-120 150-250 300-
High Side Current Sense 2nd Gen   1 Product      
3rd Gen (1ch) Under Development    
3rd Gen (2ch) Under Development    
Standard / Error Flag 2nd Gen (1ch)   3 Products  
2nd Gen (2ch)   1 Product      
Variable Overcurrent Limit 2nd Gen (1ch)   1 Product      
2nd Gen (2ch)   3 Products      
Low Side Standard / Error Flag 2nd Gen (1ch) 2 Products 5 Products  
2nd Gen (2ch)   4 Products  
Slew Rate Control 2nd Gen     1 Product    
Multi Channel 2nd Gen         6 Products

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      IPD Functions

      Current SenseHigh accuracy output current monitor

      1ch/2ch High Side Switch
      BV1HBxxxEFJ-C(1ch) / (Under Development)BV2HBxxxEUV-C(2ch)

      IPD Functions:Current Sense

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      Variable Overcurrent LimitOptimal protection tailored to the load

      Slew Rate ControlReduces switching loss and noise

      1ch Low Side Switch 
      BV1LFxxxEFJ-C(Low Slew Rate)

      IPD Functions:Variable Slew Rate

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      Multi ChannelIdeal for driving multiple loads

      Regarding TDACC™

      TDACC™ is a registered trademark of ROHM Co., Ltd. ROHM’s original circuit and device technology achieves both heat suppression and low ON resistance by optimally controlling the number of current-carrying channels when the power MOSFETs in the IPD generate heat due to back EMF during the OFF state, which is difficult to achieve in a compact size.