Low Power Consumption ML62Q2000 Series / ML62Q2500 Group  (U16)

Low Power Consumption ML62Q2000 Series / ML62Q2500 Group (U16)


The ML62Q2500 group which is equipped with the original RISC 16bit CPU "U16 Core" is a general-purpose 16bit MCU. The ML62Q2500 group achieves which is class-leading* power consumption (HALT current 0.6μA) and incorporates a high-speed 12-bit successive approximation A/D converter that contributes to improved sensor measurement accuracy.
In addition, the ML62Q2500 group is equipped with safety functions, contributing to the safety and security of your applications.

* : LAPIS Technology study

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      Low Power Consumption ML62Q2000 Series / ML62Q2500 Group (U16)


      ML62Q2500 series System Block Diagram

      The ML62Q2500 group CMOS MCUs utilize LAPIS TECHNOLOGY™ 's original 16-bit RISC U16 Core to achieve superior performance.
      This group is equipped with program memory(Flash memory), data memory(RAM), data Flash (Erase unit:128byte, Write unit:1byte), and rich peripheral functions such as the multiplier/divider, CRC generator, Clock generator, Timer, General Purpose Ports, UART, Synchronous serial port, I2C bus interface unit(Master, Slave),
      Voltage Level Supervisor(VLS), High-speed Successive approximation type 12bit A/D converter, Safety function (IEC60730/60335 Class B), and so on.
      The built-in on-chip debug function enables debugging and programming the software. Also, the ISP (In-System Programming) function supports the Flash programming in the production line.
      The ML62Q2500 group uses a small WQFN package to reduce the mounting area of the MCU and enables miniaturization of the set.

      Product Features

      Feature 1Class-leading*1 low power consumption (0.6μA @ "HALT-D" mode)

      HALT-D mode

      The ML62Q2000 series has a new "HALT-D" mode that stops the CPU, high-speed clock, and some peripheral circuits.
      As a result, the class-leading 0.6μA has been achieved in the state which operates timers using the built-in RC oscillation circuit.

      *1:ROHM study

      Feature 2High-speed 12-bit successive approximation A/D converter that contributes to high-accuracy sensor measurement

      High-speed 12-bit successive approximation A/D converter

      High-speed (Min 1.375μs / Ch.) A/D conversion is possible, and the number of times of sensing can be increased in a short period, contributing to improving measurement accuracy.

      Feature 3Built-in safety functions to protect equipment and systems from unforeseen circumstances

      Self Diagnostic Functions
      • Successive approximation type A/D converter test
      • Clock mutual monitoring
      • UART self-test function
      • SSIO self-test function
      • I2C self-test function
      • WDT counter read
      • Port output level self-test function
      • MCU status interrupt
      • Clock backup function and the self-test
      Automatically detects
      abnormalities in each block
      Error Detection
      • RAM parity error detection
      • ROM unused area access reset
      • Flash memory CRC calculation
      Detects memory malfunctions
      due to memory data errors or
      Invalid memory access
      Memory Protection
      • RAM guard
      • SFR guard
        (Special Function Register)
      SFR/RAM erroneous
      write prevention

      IEC60730 / IEC60335 (Class B) certified hardware with 14 safety functions.

      Feature 4Enables high-speed 24MHz operation at all operating voltages(1.8V to 5.5 V)

      Enables high-speed 24MHz operation at all operating voltages

      The maximum performance of the MCU can be demonstrated even at low voltage.

      Applicable Models:ML62Q2500 group, ML62Q2700 group

      Feature 5A High Accuracy Oscillation Circuit (±1.5%*1)Ideal for Serial Communication

      A High Accuracy Oscillation Circuit Ideal for Serial Communication

      UART communication is used without an external clock.

      *1:Condition : -40℃ to +85℃


      ML62Q2500 group is ideal for battery controls such as battery packs and energy storage systems

      The ML62Q2500 group takes over the “Safety Function” of the ML62Q1000 series and also has class-leading power consumption and a high-speed 12-bit successive approximation A/D that contributes to improving sensor measurement accuracy. Therefore, the ML62Q2500 group is ideal for battery controls such as battery packs and energy storage systems, and industrial such as measuring equipment requiring high accuracy analog measurement.

      Product Longevity Program

      Product Longevity Program

      The ML62Q2000 series is a product covered by the "Product Longevity Program".
      Please visit the page for the Product Longevity Program.
      *Please contact us for more information.

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