2-color type mini-mold chip LED

Original device technology enables high brightness and high reliability.

Product Detail

Part Number | SML-D22MUWT86
Status | Recommended
Package | SML-D22
Unit Quantity | 3000
Minimum Package Quantity | 3000
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes


Package Type

Dual Color / Mini-mold

LED Type

Dual color

Package size[mm]

1.6x0.8 (t=0.55)

Emitting color

Yellowish-Green / Red

Dominant wave-length λD(Multi)(Typ.)[nm]

570 / 620

Number of Brightness Rank


Luminous Intensity(Multi)(Typ.)[mcd]

10 / 16

Forward Voltage VF (Typ.) [V]


IF @ VF [mA]


Chip Structure


Power Dissipation [mW]

67 / 65

Operating Temperature[°C]

-40 to 105

Storage Temperature [°C]

-40 to 110



Supporting Information


Broad chip LED lineup.
ROHM's SML-D2 series integrates 2 colors in a compact 1608 package - the same size as conventional single-color chip LEDs.

Key Features

Class-leading compact size contributes to smaller, thinner devices

Class-leading compact size contributes to smaller, thinner devices

In addition to element miniaturization, the SML-D2 series leverages PICOLED ® *1)mounting and wire bonding*2)technologies to mount 2 chips (red and green) in a compact 1.6 x 0.8mm package – the same size as conventional single-color LEDs.
Also, the extremely close configuration of color elements results in excellent color mixing properties that make it possible to produce not only red and green colors, but a number of intermediate colors as well.

Solder penetration countermeasure ensures superior reliability

Solder penetration countermeasure ensures superior reliability

Incorporating a stopper called a ‘resist' before the gold plating process blocks the gold pattern (that features good wettability).
This prevents solder penetration into the resin, eliminating failures due to short-circuits and contributing to greater reliability.

Backside electrode configuration supports high-resolution display

Backside electrode configuration supports high-resolution display

Adopting a backside electrode design allows mounting in narrow spaces, enabling high-definition display in dot matrix and other applications.


Part No. Forward Current
Forward Voltage
Emission Wavelength
Light Intensity
NEW SML-D22MUW M5 2.0 570 10
U5 1.9 620 16
☆ SML-D22YVW Y5 2.0 588 25
V5 1.85 629 16

☆:Under development

※Different color combinations can be considered
※The products are under development and therefore the specifications may change without notice


  • Consumer Electronics
  • Home Appliances
  • FA


  • *1) PICOLED®
    ROHM's ultra-compact LEDs ideal for portable equipment such as wearables and mobile devices.
  • *2) Wire Bonding
    The process of mounting a chip directly on a substrate and connecting gold, aluminum, or copper wires.

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