• Is it possible to provide a sample program that runs on the ML62Q1000 series microcontroller?
    • The sample program of the ML62Q1000 series can be downloaded from our support site.
      URL: https://www.lapis-semi.com/cgi-bin/MyLAPIS/regi/login.cgi

      [Microcontroller development support] > [Sample program & application note] > "ML62Q1000 series reference software"

      This software uses files generated by the development support tool: ML62Q1000 series LAPIS Code Generation Tools (LCG Tools). With this LCG Tools, you can easily change each setting of the sample application such as changing the model of the MCU.
      For details, refer to FJXT62Q1000_REFSOFTv5-05 "ML62Q1000 Series Reference Software Ver.5 Manual".

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