• The reference voltage of the ML62Q1000 series A/D converter can be selected from external voltage (VREF), VDD, and internal reference voltage (about 1.55V). Which should I choose?
    • The purpose of each is as follows.
      ● External voltage (VREF):
      It is used when you want to use a stable voltage as an A/D standard.
      However, the application requires a reference voltage source.
      Stable voltage, for example
      -Does not change depending on VDD.
      -It means that it does not fluctuate even if there is a port operation of the microccontroller.
      Purpose of use
      ・ At the time of A/D conversion of the thermometer that sends the current of the current source to the thermistor
      -When performing A/D conversion with an illuminometer that allows the current of the current source to flow through the photodiode.
      * When using the current of the current source, an external voltage (VREF) may be required because it does not depend on VDD.

      ● VDD:
      Used when you want to use VDD as the A/D standard.
      However, the fluctuation caused by driving the port becomes the fluctuation of VDD, which may affect the A/D accuracy.
      Purpose of use
      ・ When converting the voltage divided by a resistor and the thermistor as a thermometer to A/D
      ・ When converting the voltage obtained by dividing the resistance and variable resistance into A/D for resistance value detection

      ● Internal reference voltage (approx. 1.55V):
      Used when you want to use the internal reference voltage (about 1.55V) as the A/D reference.
      However, the total error of A/D conversion is expected to be up to 15LSB.
      Purpose of use
      ・When converting the output of the thermometer to A/D as a correction for the built-in oscillator circuit.
      ・When you want to perform A/D conversion of a signal that does not depend on VDD with an input of 1.55V or less.

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