Semiconductor Device Business Transferred from Panasonic

ROHM recently announced the acquisition of a part of the diode and transistor business from Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Company, a Group Company of Panasonic Corp.. The transfer is scheduled for October 2019 with ROHM handling sales of these products to Panasonic’s current customers thereafter.

1. Background and aims of this business acquisition

Since the 1960s, ROHM has been developing, producing and selling semiconductor devices as a core business of the ROHM Group and has today the largest shares of the global markets for small signal transistors and diodes. Looking ahead, given the strong prospects of continuous growth in the automotive electronics, industrial equipment and other application markets, ROHM will be expanding its business in bipolar transistors, circuit protective Zener diodes, TVS diodes and other products. As a part of that, ROHM will proactively invest in a wide range of business resources in order to strengthen product lineups, further enhance product quality and ensure stable supplies. By acquiring the said business from Panasonic, ROHM aims to further expand its market share.

2. Details of the business acquisition

(1)Below businesses handled by Panasonic
  ・Transistors (Bipolar, Built-in resistor, Junction field-effect)
  ・Diodes (Schottky barrier, TVS, Zener, Switching, Fast recovery)

(2)To ensure a smooth transition and stable supplies to customers, ROHM will outsource production to Panasonic and maintain the exact same supply structure as before until the transfer is complete.

Going forward, both companies will be jointly preparing for the transfer of business, including obtaining all necessary approvals and permits. The transfer schedule details will be hammered out in the process.

Reference Information:

1. Overview of ROHM’s Semiconductor Business


(1)Address21 Saiin Mizosakicho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
(2)RepresentativeTadanobu Fujiwara, President
(3)Line of businessDevelopment, manufacture and sale of semiconductor devices and electronic components
(4)Capital86,969 million yen
(5)EstablishedSeptember 17th, 1958


2. Overview of Panasonic’s Semiconductor Business

[Overview of Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.]

(1)Address1 Kotari-yakemachi, Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto
(2)RepresentativeKazuhiro Koyama, President
(3)Line of businessDevelopment, manufacture and sale of semiconductor devices and electronic components and materials
(4)Capital400 million yen
(5)EstablishedMarch 10th, 2014