ROHM Semiconductor opens test lab for power components

Willich-Münchheide (Germany), February 07, 2018 – With its newly established European “Power Lab”, ROHM Semiconductor demonstrates the deployment of its global strategy on the Power semiconductor’s market in Europe which is one of the very potential regions for Power devices. “Quality is our top priority” has been the company mission statement for 60 years. The new state-of-the-art power electronics lab confirms this high standard.

The Power Lab is located at the European Headquarter facilities at the Willich-Münchheide location near Dusseldorf. The project took several months and ended with the TÜV’s approval in 2017. The 300m² lab’s purpose is the analysis of power components and systems to provide the customers with the best support at the application level. To that end, the test lab is equipped with several test benches with a separate high voltage area.

“Electric vehicles, charging station infrastructure, industrial machinery, solar and wind power plants as well as white goods such as washing machines require more and more Power semiconductors to comply with the energy efficiency requirements, which have to be tested and validated at early stage of the development phase”, explains Head of the Power Lab Aly Mashaly, Manager Power Systems Department. “Because there were no suitable test benches on the market, we decided to develop and design the test benches based on our own requirements subsequently. In this way, we ensure the high scalability of the test benches and their flexibility for future modifications.”

The test benches have the state-of-the-art laboratory equipment using latest technologies with high safety features. ROHM can electrically characterize all of its semiconductor components like SiC MOSFET Transistor, SiC Diode, IGBT, Si Power MOSFET Transistor and Gate driver, just to name some of them, with voltages up to 8000VDC.

The power test bench enables the tests on AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC and AC/AC converters under real application conditions up to 15kVA. Additionally, high-precision measurements of efficiency and losses can be performed with power analyzers. Among this test bench’s special features are an AC power supply (grid emulator) and electronic loads (AC and DC). Maximum voltages under test are 1500VDC and 400VAC.

The calorimetric test bench is for analyzing the thermal behavior of the power discrete devices, modules, electronic boards and complete power electronics systems. This test bench can test at very high current supplies with hundreds of Amps and has a climatic chamber for tests under special temperature conditions ranging from -40°C to +180°C. Humidity can be set between 10 and 98%. The high voltage test bench for voltages up to 8000V, is located in a separate room to protect the tester during the operation. ROHM can also investigate and test the insulation sections, so called “clearance and creepage distances” on board and system level up to 6000V. 

“We are proud to efficiently assist the projects of our customers with state of the art equipment. This investment shows our determination to be one of the major suppliers in SiC and Si Power discrete and integrated device technologies, thus to play an important role in the growing power market,” says Christian André, President ROHM Europe. “The new Power Lab is a central piece of our quality and reliability scheme.”