ROHM’s new Support Site for Designers: Ensuring Functional Safety in Vehicles

June 8th, 2021

ComfySIL Functional Safety

ROHM’s new website consolidates 1,000 products under the ComfySIL™ brand to support functional safety in automotive systems. Improving the searchability of products and various documents contributes to greater work efficiency for electronic circuit and system designers in the automotive field.

Dedicated ComfySIL™ site:

ComfySIL™ Pamphlet(PDF:4.51MB)

In recent years, following the acceleration of technical innovation represented by ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) in the automotive sector, it has become necessary to consider functional safety to help prevent accidents. At the same time, in response to the increasing importance to ensure vehicle safety by supporting safety requirements at the device level for onboard electrical systems, a 2nd edition of ISO 26262, the international standard for functional safety, was released in December 2018 that adds a chapter on semiconductor.

ROHM quickly responded to these needs, and in March 2018 successfully acquired ISO 26262 development process certification from 3rd party certification body TÜV Rheinland. Since then, ROHM gradually expanded its portfolio to include documents required for functional safety design, and currently features a lineup of more than 1,000 compatible part numbers.

This new special site consolidates functional safety compliant products under the brand name ComfySIL™ that will be used on the web and relevant documents to significantly improve product searchability.

The ComfySIL™ brand targets not only vehicles, but also functional safety for other markets as well, and going forward we will expand our lineup products that support functional safety for the industrial equipment field as well.

As the role of semiconductors in the automotive and industrial equipment markets continues to grow, ROHM will strive to manufacture high quality products and contribute to the creation of a safer, more secure, environmentally friendly automotive society through its products.

ROHM Automotive Product Initiatives


Under a corporate objective of ‘Quality First’ established since its founding, ROHM utilizes a vertically integrated production system within the group that infuses superior quality into every process, from development to manufacturing, while also providing reliable traceability and an optimized supply chain.

We have built a dedicated line for automotive products and carry out development that complies with quality management system (IATF 16949) and electronic product reliability (AEC-Q100/101/102) standards.

In 2015, ROHM began to establish an ISO 26262 process to address functional safety, and in March 2018 acquired ISO 26262 development process certification from 3rd party certification body TÜV Rheinland.


Functional Safety Categories and Documentation

ROHM has identified three functional safety product categories. (Currently, only the automotive field is supported.)

  • FS process compliant
    A product that has been developed based on an ISO 26262 design process compliant to the ASIL level described in the datasheet.
  • FS mechanism implemented
    A product that has implemented safety mechanism to meet ASIL level requirements described in the datasheet.
  • FS supportive
    A product that has been developed for automotive use and is capable of supporting safety analysis with regard to the functional safety.

Provided Materials List

ComfySIL Table

*FS supportive FMEDA does not include analysis such as hardware architecture metrics.


About the ComfySIL™ Brand

ComfySIL Logo

ROHM launched the ComfySIL™ brand for customers involved in the design of functional safety to use products that support SIL (Safety Integrity Level) in a ‘Comfy’ (comfortable) manner, and for social systems' greater safety, security, and convenience to which ROHM can contribute through its products.

ComfySIL™ is awarded to products that conform to the ComfySIL™ concept for functional safety in the industrial equipment and automotive markets.

*ComfySILTM is a trademark or registered trademark of ROHM Co., Ltd.