ROHM Group officially opened a new production building in Malaysia
Strengthening production capacity for analog ICs with a focus on isolated gate driver ICs, for which demand is growing.

October 13th, 2023

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

ROHM-Wako Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (RWEM) in Malaysia held an opening ceremony for its newly building constructed to strengthen its analog IC production capacity and manufacturing subsidiary.

RWEM produces small-signal devices such as diodes and LEDs, and the new building will be used to produce isolated gate driver ICs, one of the focus products in analog ICs. Isolated gate driver ICs are ICs that optimally drive power semiconductors such as IGBTs and SiCs, and since they play an important role in energy saving and miniaturization of electric vehicles and industrial equipment, demand for these products is expected to grow.
RWEM will begin production of ICs for the first time in order to strengthen its production capacity and promote multi-location of analog IC production factories from the viewpoint of BCM (Business Continuity Management).

The new building will be equipped with a variety of energy-saving technologies to reduce environmental impact (expected to reduce CO2 emissions by about 15% compared to the current facilities). RWEM’s BCM system will be further strengthened by introducing various state-of-the-art disaster preventions. RWEM intends to bring in production machines and begin production in October, 2024. As a result, RWEM's overall production capacity is expected to increase by approximately 1.5 times.

ROHM Group will continue to strengthen its production capacity in accordance with its Medium-Term Management Plan while keeping abreast of market conditions, and will also thoroughly enhance its BCM system to ensure a stable supply of products to customers.

Design 3-story structure
Building area 9,860m²
Total floor area 29,580m²
Completion of construction August, 2023
Scheduled operation October, 2024
Address Kota Bharu,
Kelantan, Malaysia

<Notice of Change of Corporate Name>

RWEM will change its corporate name to “ROHM Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.” from January, 2024. A ceremony for the name change was also held at the opening ceremony.

Announcement of the new company name
Announcement of the new company name
Yosuke Yoshioka, Honorary Chairman of ROHM Wako Co., Ltd. (right)
Isao Matsumoto, president and CEO of ROHM Co., Ltd. (center)
Hideki Hashimoto, president of ROHM-Wako Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (left)

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