Sulfuration-resistant Chip Resistors (TRR Series)

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Sulfuration-resistant Chip Resistors (TRR Series)


An original internal construction comprised of a sulfuration-resistant membrane is utilized that prevents sulfurated gas from penetrating, resulting in superior anti-sulfuration characteristics.

A broad lineup is available in a range of sizes, from 1005 to 3216. Jumper types are also available.

<External Dimensions>
Part No. Size L W
TRR01 1005 1.0 0.5 0.35
TRR03 1608 1.6 0.8 0.45
TRR10 2012 2.0 1.25 0.55
TRR18 3216 3.2 1.6 0.55
External Dimensions


  1. Strong against sulfuration - provides high reliability and stable operation in sulfur-rich environments
  2. Special anti-sulfuration membrane prevents sulfurated gas penetration


■Sulfuration Test Results
Sulfuration Test Results


Automotive, industrial, and other sulfur-rich environments


Part No. Size Rated Power Maximum Element Voltage
Resistance Tolerance Resistance Range
Operating Temperature Range
TRR01MZPJ 1005 1/16W 50V J(±5%) 1~10M - 55~+155
TRR01MZPF F(±1%) 10~2.2M
TRR03EZPJ 1608 1/10W 50V J(±5%) 1~10M
TRR03EZPF F(±1%) 10~10M
TRR10EZPJ 2012 1/8W 150V J(±5%) 1~10M
TRR10EZPF F(±1%) 10~2.2M
TRR18EZPJ 3216 1/4W 200V J(±5%) 1~10M
TRR18EZPF F(±1%) 10~2.2M

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