embedded world 2022

ROHM Europe will not participate at embedded world 2023 but we are looking forward to meeting you in Nuremberg at PCIM Europe 2023.


ROHM at embedded world 2022

Highlight products

Scalable PMIC BD96801Qxx-C: First PMIC family member of scalable and OTP configurable power management IC for Automotive and Industrial applications. IC provides multiple DC/DC regulators, including very high current support, multi-phase switching regulators, differential remote sensing and offers functional safety features like redundant references and oscillators, under- and over-voltage detection and more, to achieve highest application safety integrity levels.  

Scalable PMIC BD96801Qxx-C
Nano Cap

Nano CAPTM Technology BD9xxN1G-C series: Next generation automotive qualified LDO, with outstanding transient load response for lowest output capacitor values. ROHM’s answer to the worldwide increasing shortage of passive components, makes LDO designs more cost-efficient and ecological.

Automotive Camera PMIC BD868Ax/Bx: New full integrated and full-featured satellite camera PMIC offering OTP configurable output voltages and flexible power sequencing including optional lens heating control. The PMIC provides all functional safety features for highest application risk classification, requires lowest BOM and comes in world smallest 3.5mm x 3.5mm package for smallest PCB area designs.

Automotive camera pmic

730V Integrated Fly Back Converter: The BM2P06xMF IC series integrates a 730 V Si MOSFET and a PWM controller in one package. The fly-back ICs do not require any additional heatsink, discharge resistor, or capacitor. They help designers shorten design time, simplify the circuitry, reduce costs, and increase reliability. Ideal for industrial auxiliary power supply and SMPS applications.

NFC wireless charger module: ROHM‘s ultra-compact 13.56MHz NFC wireless charger modules allow to achieve miniaturization that contribute to higher flexibility during application design. They are designed for small, compact sensors and streamlined wearable devices.

wireless module

4ch constant current LED Driver BD83A04EFV-M: Display backlight LED driver with integrated switching FET DC/DC. AEC-Q100 qualified with integrated protection functions (LEDOPEN/LEDSHORT/SCP). Ideal for automotive cluster, CID and HuD panel applications.

2ch/3ch Buck LED Drivers BD18397RUV-M & BD18398RUV-M: AEC-Q100 qualified LED drivers with integrated MOSFETs. Integrated protection functions (UVLO, UVD, TSD, OCP). Ideal for automotive applications like headlamps, high/low beam, DRL and position/turn lamps

11308/9784577 led

BU92RE44: eDP/LVDS Bridge – 4K class AEC-Q100 Grade2 Qualified. Support Reduced Swing LVDS Output for Low EMI, SSCG (Spread Spectrum Clock Generator), Fail Detect Function (Image Checker V1.2), and SPI Slave Function for Fail Mode Check.

BU92RTF82-M: LVDS Splitter with OSD – 2K class AEC-Q100 Grade2 Qualified. Support OSD CRC/Gen.2.1, SSCG (Spread Spectrum Clock Generator), SPI Slave Function for Fail Mode Check. Integrated Termination Resistor in LVDS Receiver and offers flexible Input / Output Mode.

11308/9784577 led

Hall plan

Visit us at embedded world 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany, booth 4A-358:

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