Digital Datasheet BP35C5 Wi-SUN FAN Compatible Wireless Communication Module

ROHM’s BP35C5 is an ultra-compact, 15.0 mm by 19.0mm, Wireless Smart Utility Network Field Area Network compatible wireless communication module. The module operates in the 920 MHz band and includes a 50 ohm impedance adjusted terminal and a built-in Wi-SUN software stack. With transmission power modes at 1 mW, 10 MW, and up to 20mW, the BP35C5 can optimize the link budget with a high power transmission. With a bit error rate of less than 0.1%, the typical receiving sensitivity can vary between -95 dBm or -105 dBm for a data rate of 50 kilobits per second or 150 kilobits per second, respectively. The BP35C5 has been certified by the ARIB and FCC so it can be readily used in Japan and the United States.

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Datasheet Download:BP35C5