ROHM was recognized as "Sports Yell Company 2024+" by Japan Sports Agency

  • 2024.04.05
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ROHM Co., Ltd. was recognized by Japan Sports Agency as Sports Yell Company 2024 for the fourth year in a row.

This system was established in 2017 to recognize companies that are proactive in their efforts to implement sports to improve the health of their employees, not only through sports competitions but also by providing exercise opportunities such as exercise and stretching during the morning and lunch breaks, encouraging the use of stairs, walking, and commuting by bicycle, and holding standing meetings. Such companies are certified as Sports Yell Company.

The system aims to improve the sports participation rate of the entire nation, including the working-age population, by increasing the social reputation of companies that promote the creation of an environment in which employees can become familiar with sports. ROHM's company-wide activities to promote exercising have been recognized, leading to certification for the fourth consecutive year.

Also, with 72% of ROHM's employees being regular exercisers, ROHM received the + (plus) designation, granted to companies where at least 70% of employees engage in sports at least once a week, for the second consecutive year.

ROHM has organized a Health Promotion Committee to promote the health of its employees. ROHM has been actively promoting activities to improve exercise habits - holding walking events for employees and their families every year since 1991, as well as conducting walking campaigns using a health app, distributing reference materials for exercising on a regular basis, holding online yoga seminars, and organizing events where employees can walk alone or in small groups with their workmates or family members.

ROHM's top management has declared in the Health and Productivity Management Declaration that ROHM will "achieve well-being and become a company where everyone can work with vitality" and aims to fulfill its Medium-term Management Plan and achieve sustainable growth. ROHM has also set Ensuring the Health and Safety of Employees as one of the Sustainability Priority Issues necessary for sustainable growth. ROHM will continue in our efforts to maintain and promote all employees' health and to achieve a good work-life balance.

Sports Yell Company 2024