ROHM was selected as Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization 2024 (White 500) for the seventh consecutive year

  • 2024.03.26
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On March 11, 2024, ROHM Co., Ltd. was certified as the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500) in the large enterprise category for the seventh consecutive year in a program administered by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Council).

This program was established in 2017 to honor corporations, including large corporations and small- and medium-sized enterprises, that practice excellent health management based on initiatives that align with local health issues and health promotion efforts promoted by the Japan Health Council. The program aims to create an environment in which corporations can be socially recognized as corporations that consider the health management of their employees from a managerial perspective and are strategically engaged in such management.

ROHM's top management has declared in the Health and Productivity Management Declaration that ROHM will "achieve well-being and become a company where everyone can work with vitality" and aims to fulfill its Medium-term Management Plan and achieve sustainable growth. ROHM has also set Ensuring the Health and Safety of Employees as one of the Sustainability Priority Issues necessary for sustainable growth.

[Examples of initiatives to promote employees' health (excerpt)]
(1) Health Up Challenge 7:
Health Up Challenge 7 is an initiative in which each individual works to achieve at least one of the seven health-related items (sleep, stress, exercise, dietary habits, drinking habits, non-smoking, and communication), which will also help to improve presenteeism and help in our efforts to achieve well-being.

(2) Support for Women's active participation (expansion of gynecological examinations):
Breast and cervical cancer examinations are incorporated into regular medical examinations for all female employees, aiming for early detection and early treatment of working-age cancers.

(3) Establishment of the Cancer Balance Support Counseling Office:
With the aim of being able to work even with cancer, a counseling office has been established to help employees balance work with cancer or intractable diseases. All staff members are certified as coordinators for supporting work-life balance, and they offer suggestions for taking leave in accordance with treatment plans and support for gaining the understanding of workplace supervisors. 

(4) Influenza vaccination:
We provide free influenza vaccinations to all employees who wish to receive them every year. More than 80% of all employees receive the vaccination.

ROHM will continue in our efforts to maintain and promote the health of each and every employee and to achieve a good work-life balance.