Renovation work at Omi Fuji Karyoku Park based on the "Linking People and Forests" agreement with the aim of realizing a society that coexists in harmony with nature

  • 2023-12-04
  • Environment

ROHM Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan) will carry out renovation work at Omi Fuji Karyoku Park (Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture) based on the "Linking People and Forests" agreement signed with Shiga Prefecture in April 2022.
This agreement stipulates that both parties will work together and cooperate toward the "realization of a sustainable society in harmony with nature where people and forests are connected," using Omi Fuji Karyoku Park as a practical model.

Reference (Japanese Only):
ROHM and Shiga Prefecture signed an agreement on "Linking People and Forests" and begin new activities to realize a society in harmony with nature based on the ROHM Group Environmental Vision 2050 (April 22, 2022)

【Background of the "Linking People and Forests" Agreement】

Since the 1980s, ROHM has been actively involved in the greening of areas around our business sites based on the concept of the "Factory in the Forest." In 2001, ROHM established the ROHM Forest in Australia as part of our efforts to combat global warming and has been conducting tree-planting activities there since. Planting fast-growing eucalyptus trees on approximately 1,000 hectares of land over a 10-year period resulted in a reduction of 110,000 tons of CO2 emissions, and ROHM also worked on resource recycling by appropriately thinning mature trees for effective use as papermaking material.
In recent years, as the climate change risks have become more apparent and the importance of achieving carbon neutrality has increased worldwide, ROHM has been considering the "ROHM Forest Next" activity to practice coexistence with nature as outlined in the ROHM Group Environmental Vision 2050, which was formulated in 2021. As a result of examining forests and nature creation sites with a focus on biodiversity and harmony of natural cycles, ROHM agreed with the concept of the "entrance to a forest right there" in Shiga Prefectural Omi Fuji Karyoku Park, which eventually led to signing the agreement.

【About the Renewal Construction Work】

1. Construction Work Period
December 2023 - End of December 2024
2. Main Construction Works
  • ・Botanical Garden: Installation of a multi-purpose plaza, renovation of park paths
  • ・Playground: Renewal of playground equipment, renovation of park paths
  • ・Other areas: Improvement of forest areas

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ROHM will continue to promote sustainability management based on the company mission and management vision and will work to preserve the environment and biodiversity to realize a sustainable society while maintaining a sound partnership with society.