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A system-level evaluation board that combines ROHM's IC and discrete products. We have already solved not only the characteristics of individual products but also the problems that may occur when combining them to build a system, thus contributing significantly to the reduction of development time for our customers.

48V supply, 3 Hall Sensor, Three Phase Brushless DC motor drive Reference Design


Evaluation board to drive a 3 Hall sensor three phase brushless DC motor with supply voltage of 48V (typ) and motor current of 8A (max).
It consists of a 3 hole sensor three phase brushless DC motor pre-driver and 6 Nch MOSFETs.
The rotor position is detected by 3 hole sensors, and the sin wave drive realizes silent and low vibration, and the automatic advance angle control enables highly efficient motor drive.
The output MOSFET can be mounted in the TO252 package or the HSOP8 package. In this board, the TO252 package product is mounted.
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  • 3 Hole Sensor Three Phase Brushless DC Motor Pre-Driver and Output MOS N+N Configuration
  • Supply voltage 48V(typ)
  • Output current 8A(max)
  • Sine-wave commutation PWM drive, automatic advance angle control
  • Number of motor poles setting function
  • Soft start function
  • Dead time setting function
  • Power save input/ Rotation direction setting input/ Short brake input

Key Specification (Reference design)

Name of boardBM64300MUV-EVK-001
Input voltage28V to 63V
Nb of outputs8A(Max)(depending on driving capability of MOSFET)
Output voltage3 Hall sensor sine-wave commutation drive, automatic advance angle control
EMC perfomanceInput: Control input (PWM), power save, rotation direction setting, short brake.
Output: FG output.


Fan motors, other general consumer equipment


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