Developing a Pulse Wave Sensor

As a key area for research and development (R&D), ROHM is committed to offering novel products and solutions for the medical and health care industry. One such solution is a photoelectric pulse wave sensor using optical sensing technology.

What is a pulse wave sensor?

Pulse waves are generated when blood pumped by the heart causes a change in volume in blood vessels.
ROHM's pulse wave sensor uses an LED and photodetector to detect these changes.

Pulse wave sensor principle
Pulse wave sensor principle


The pulse wave senseor can monitor heart rate continuously in daily activity.
Information such as physical conditions will be taken by wearing it without bothering a user.

Uses and Applications

Wearable Sensor Functions

Optical and motion sensors designed to attach to the body can provide a wealth of information on current physical conditions.

ROHM is developing sensing technologies applicable to health care and wellness.

Wearable sensors will take important roles of obtaining not only pulse wave but any other information representing body conditions.

Besides that, wearable sensor application in combination with other sensing technologies could capture further information like unconscious change in condition, sleep quality etc.

Application Example Application Example