BP35C0-J11 - Documentation

BP35C0-J11 is a small surface mount Wi-SUN module with an external antenna, which is ideal for use in HEMS controllers and various home appliances. It is equipped with the 920MHz band wireless communication function (RF), which has the industry's top-class receiving sensitivity, a microcomputer, and a wireless communication LSI ML7416N made by LAPIS Semiconductor that has a large-capacity memory suitable for Wi-SUN. In correspondence with Wi-SUN Profile B route and Enhanced HAN, we have achieved the industry's smallest class size of 15 x 19 mm. Of course, it is a product that has been certified by the Japanese Radio Law. BP35C0-J11 is a reference unit (CTBU) for Wi-SUN communication. It has high connection reliability with various Wi-SUN devices. Equipped with the original function "FOTA (Firmware update Over The Air)", it is possible to update the firmware remotely.

Please note that this product is a wireless module certified by the Japanese Radio Law. If you want to use it in other countries, please contact us because certification is required.

User's Guide

BP359C Evaluation Board
This book is the document which described specifications of UART interface evaluation board BP359C.
BP35C0-J11 Start up Manual
This manual is description of the operation confirmation procedure using the serial communication software (Tera Term) for a specific Low-Power radio communication module (BP35C0-J11).
BP35C0-J11-T01 Evaluation Board
This document describes the specifications of the Wi-SUN module Evaluation board BP35C0-J11-T01.

Application Note

BP35C0-J11 About route B comminucation
This document describes procedures and command usage examples when performing B-Route communication using the Wi-SUN module BP35C0-J11.