650V, 6A, SMD, Silicon-carbide (SiC) SBD for Automotive - SCS206AJHR

Switching loss reduced, enabling high-speed switching . (4-pin package)

Application Note

What is a Thermal Model? (SiC Power Device)
Thermal models are models for performing simulations in relation to heat among SPICE models. Simulations using the thermal models are performed to make a rough estimate during the initial stage of thermal design. This application note explains the thermal models.
How to Use Thermal Models
This application note explains that how to get and use the thermal models, and the simulation method.
Application Note for SiC Power Devices and Modules
Learn more about silicon carbide and its use in ROHMs SiC Power Devices and Modules.
Part Explanation
For SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes