Pressure Sensor IC - BM1386GLV

BM1386GLV is piezo-resistive pressure sensor. BM1386GLV performs temperature compensation for MEMS inside chip internally, so it’s very easy to get pressure information.

* This is a standard-grade product.
For Automotive usage, please contact Sales.

User's Guide

Usage Manual for Evaluation Board BM1386GLV-EVK-001
BM1386GLV-EVK-001 is an evaluation board for Pressure Sensor BM1386GLV. This User’s Guide is about how to use BM1386GLV-EVK-001 together with SensorShield (Shield-EVK-001) .

Application Note

Thermal Resistance
The definition and how to use thermal resistance and thermal characterization parameter of packages for ROHM’s integrated circuit are described in this application note.