BM1422AGMV - Documentation

BM1422AGMV is a 3-axis magnetic sensor which incorporates magneto-impedance (MI) elements to detect magnetic field and a control IC in a small package.
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* This is a standard-grade product.
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User's Guide

Evaluation Board User's Guide
Sensor Evaluation Kit SensorShield-EVK-003 Manual
Evaluation Board User's Guide
Magnetometer BM1422AGMV-EVK-001 Evaluation Board
Sensors and Bluetooth® Add-on boards for Sony Spresense
In addition to the high-resolution audio codec and GPS receiver functions provided by the Spresense board computer for IoT supplied by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corp., the Sensor Add-On Board and Bluetooth® LE Add-On Board add sensor capability and Bluetooth® LE communication functionality that contributes to the development and evaluation of advanced IoT devices.

Application Note

Thermal Resistance
The definition and how to use thermal resistance and thermal characterization parameter of packages for ROHM’s integrated circuit are described in this application note.