High Power Low Ohmic Chip Resistor

High-power chip resistors have the terminals at long sides of square shape featuring far higher rated power than the standard resistors. This structure having short distance between the both terminations attains strong soldering fixation.


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Product Detail

Part Number | LTR10LEZPFL
Status | Recommended
Package | LTR10
Unit Quantity | 5000
Minimum Package Quantity | 5000
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes
Product Longevity Program | 10 Years


Automotive grade




Rated Power[W]


Resistance Tolerance

F (±1%)

Resistance range[Ω]

0.1 to 0.91





Temperature Coefficient[ppm/°C]

0 to 150, 0 to 100

Operating Temperature[°C]

-55 to 155


For current sensing (Wide terminal)

Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C]


Common Standard

AEC-Q200 (Automotive Grade)

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  • Chip Resistors for current detection: 10mΩ~
  • High joint reliability with long side terminations.
  • Improvement of rated power enables to displace smaller size of resistors, and it contributes space savings in your set.
  • ROHM resistors have obtained ISO9001 / TS16949 certification.
  • Corresponds to AEC-Q200.

Reference Design / Application Evaluation Kit

    • Reference Design - REFLD002
    • Laser Driver Reference Design with GaN HEMT for High-Resolution LiDAR
    • The range of uses for LiDAR sensors is expanding to include not only autonomous driving, but also applications in the industrial and infrastructure fields. LiDAR sensors are required to have longer sensing distance and higher resolution, and in addition to improving the characteristics of the laser diode, it is necessary to drive the laser diode at higher speeds and power. ROHM offers a lineup of 905nm high power narrow emission width laser diodes. (RLD90QZWx Series) Reference designs are available that includes EcoGAN™, a next-generation device capable of high-speed drive, along with a high-speed gate driver for GaN HEMTs that contribute to improved LiDAR sensor characteristics (distance and resolution) .

      • Enables high-speed driving of laser diodes - a key device in LiDAR applications
      • Includes next-gen EcoGaN™ devices
      • Built-in high-speed gate driver for GaN HEMTs (BD2311NVX-C)
      • Two circuit types: square wave and resonant


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