Nano Energy™, High Voltage & Low energy, Dual Output ADJ Type Window Voltage Detector (Reset) IC

ROHM's window voltage detector BD48HW0G-C is highly accurate CMOS Reset IC with a detection voltage accuracy of ±0.75%. BD48HW0G-C achieves low current consumption of 500nA by ultra-low current technology Nano Energy™ despite its high withstand voltage. This contributes to lower current consumption of the application. It has dual N-channel open drain output. Detection voltage can be control by external resistors.

Product Detail

Part Number | BD48HW0G-CTR
Status | Recommended
Package | SSOP6
Unit Quantity | 3000
Minimum Package Quantity | 3000
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes

Functional Safety:

Category : FS supportive
A product that has been developed for automotive use and is capable of supporting safety analysis with regard to the functional safety.


Over Voltage Detection Voltage [V] (typ.)


Under Voltage Detection Voltage [V] (typ.)


VDET Precision [%]


Reset Active Voltage Range [V]

1.8 to 40

Output Types

Open drain

Reset Delay Timer


Reset Active State


Manual Reset


Watchdog Timer


Auto Motive


Circuit Current (ON) [µA]


Circuit Current (OFF) [µA]


Hysteresis Voltage [V]

VDET x 0.01

Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C]


Package Size

2.9x2.8 (t=1.25)

Common Standard

AEC-Q100 (Automotive Grade)

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  • Nano Energy™
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified(Grade 1)
  • Functional Safety Supportive Automotive Products
  • Under and Over Voltage Monitor
  • Free Detection Voltage Setting by External Resistors
  • Nch Open Drain Output
  • Very Small, Lightweight and Thin Package
  • SSOP6 Package is Similar to SOT-23-6(JEDEC)

Supporting Information



The BD48HW0G-C window-type voltage detector features a wide operating voltage range from 1.8V to 40V and an industry-leading detection voltage accuracy of ±0.75% (over the entire temperature range). In addition to a maximum operating voltage of 40V, the detection voltage can be freely set, enabling high accuracy monitoring of abnormal voltages in a variety of applications, at both low and high voltages, contributing to high reliability systems that maximize efficiency in automotive and industrial power supplies. The BD48HW0G-C achieves an ultra-low current consumption of 500nA by ROHM’s ultra-low current consumption technology Nano Energy™. This is only 6% of standard products with equivalent functions and accuracy, making it suitable for applications where increased power consumption is a concern.

Application Examples

  • ◇ Automotive systems: Inverters in EVs/HEVs, electronic control units, ADAS, In-Vehicle Infotainment
  • ◇ Industrial equipment: factory automation equipment, measurement instruments, sensor systems and further automotive and industrial applications requiring voltage monitoring.

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