DC-DC Converter ICs

ROHM DC-DC converter ICs (switching regulators) are available with or without integrated FET (boost/buck/buck-boost) in single- and multi-channel configurations that deliver broad compatibility. Our industry-leading DC-DC converters and evaluation boards allow customers to develop and differentiate their power designs. They are ideally suited for industrial equipment applications, cellular base stations, consumer computers and peripherals, and automotive applications. ROHM focuses on developing products that incorporate its unique power supply technology and has a lineup of products that excel in each characteristic within the industry.

Nano Pulse Control™ ultra-high-speed pulse control technology

Nano Pulse Control™ supports greater miniaturization by enabling high step-down ratio.

Product lineup build-in Nano Pulse Control™

What is Nano Pulse Control™ technology?

Nano Energy™ ultra-low current consumption technology

Nano Energy™ provides efficient power supply functions by minimizing loss.

Product lineup build-in Nano Energy™

What is Nano Energy™ technology?

Quicur™ high-speed load response technology

QuiCur™ allows to achieve ideal load transient response characteristics without causing instability in feedback circuits.

Product lineup build-in Quicur™

PDF What is Quicur™ technology?

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AEC-Q100 Qualified Products* *"AEC-Q100 Qualified Products" are products that can be adopted not only for in-vehicle equipment but also for a wide range of applications that require high reliability.

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