BD8P250MUF-C - Packaging & Quality

The BD8P250MUF-C is a synchronous rectification buck DC/DC converter with boost control function that utilizes ROHM’s Quick Buck Booster™ technology to achieve improved response even when switching buck-boost operation, reducing the number of output capacitors by half over conventional solutions.

This technology supports a common design for both boost and buck-boost applications. Use the BD8P250MUF-C as a single-chip buck DC/DC converter for cold cranking or other instances where a drop in the output voltage is acceptable during the input voltage drop. Or, if the output voltage must be maintained, it can be utilized in a buck-boost DC/DC configuration by adding a dedicated boost-FET.

Additional features include a spread spectrum function that minimizes EMI, making it possible to easily clear the CISPR 25 Class 5 standard for noise in automotive electrical components. And leveraging original Nano Pulse technology reduces no-load current consumption to an unprecedented 8μA at 5V output from a 12V battery. This translates to 73% greater efficiency in buck and buck-boost operation at 0.1mA output load current over competitor products.

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