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The BU34DV7NUX devices provide a power supply solution for products powered by either two-cell alkaline,NiCd or NiMH, or one-cell Li-ion or Li-polymer battery.
Output currents can go as high as 300mA while using two alkaline, and discharge it down to 1.8 V.
With the MODE pin, the BU34DV7NUX provides mode selection of PWM control or PFM/PWM automatic switching control. When load current is large, the product switches automatically to the PWM mode so that high efficiency is achievable over a wide range of load conditions. The maximum peak current in the boost switch is typically limited to a value of 1.85A.
BU34DV7NUX output voltage is fixed by an internal resistor divider. When VIN voltage is higher than 3.4 V, Vout is connected with Vin.

* This is a standard-grade product.
For Automotive usage, please contact Sales.

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