2.5A Variable Output, High-Accuracy LDO Regulator

The BD3506F is an ultra-low dropout linear regulator for chipset that can achieve ultra-low voltage input to ultra-low voltage output. By using N-MOS FET for built-in power transistor, the regulator can be used at ultra-low I / O voltage difference up to voltage difference generated by ON resistor (RON = 120 m?). Because by reducing the I / O voltage difference, large current (Iomax = 2.5A) output is achieved and conversion loss can be reduced, switching power supply can be replaced. BD3506F does not need any choke coil, diode for rectification and power transistor which are required for switching power supply, total cost of the set can be reduced and compact size can be achieved for the set. Using external resistors, optional output from 0.65V to 2.5V can be set. In addition, since voltage output start-up time can be adjusted by using the NRCS terminal, it is possible to meet the power supply sequence of the set.

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Product Detail

Part Number | BD3506F-E2
Status | Recommended
Package | SOP8
Unit Quantity | 2500
Minimum Package Quantity | 2500
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes




Breakdown Voltage(Max.)[V]








Vin 2ch[V]

1.2 to Vcc-1

Vout (Typ.) [V]

0.65 to 2.5

Vout Precision




Circuit Current[mA]


Thermal Shut-down


Over Current Protection


Under Voltage Lock Out


Soft Start


Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C]



・Built-in high-accuracy reference voltage circuit (0.65V±1%)
・Built-in VCC low input maloperation prevention circuit (Vcc = 4.15V)
・Reduced rush current by NRCS
・Built-in ultra-low on-resistor (120 mΩ typ) Nch Power MOSFET
・Built-in current limiting circuit (2.5A min)
・Built-in thermal shutdown circuit
・Output variable type (0.65-2.5V)
・Adoption of SOP8 package (BD3506F) : 5.0 x 6.2 x 1.5 (mm)

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Packaging & Quality

Package Information

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Manufacturing Data

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Environmental Data

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  • Compliance with the ELV directive
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  • RoHS Comission Delegated Directive

Export Information

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