BD00FA1WEFJ - Tools

BD00FA1WEFJ is an LDO regulator with output current capability of 0.1A. The Output voltage can be varied from 3.0V to 12.0V using external resistors with ±1% reference voltage accuracy. The HTSOP-J8 package can be used in wide variety of digital appliances. As protective function to prevent IC from destruction, this chip has built-in over current protection circuit to protect the device when output is shorted, zero μA shutdown mode, and built-in thermal shutdown circuit to protect the IC during thermal over load conditions. This product can be used in wide variety of digital appliances. This regulator can use ceramic capacitor, which have smaller size and longer life than other capacitors.

* This is a standard-grade product.
For Automotive usage, please contact Sales.


HTSOP-J8 Footprint / Symbol
PCB footprint / symbol library data (".bxl" file) that supports Schematic Symbol and PCB Footprint Pattern