Battery Management ICs

Battery Management

ROHM’s selection of ICs for battery power management includes functions for charging, monitoring, and charge protection. Our broad lineup supports a wide range of consumer products, including li-ion equipped portable devices, solar-powered portable charging, audio and lighting equipment, as well as chargers for tablets and notebooks.

Charge Protection ICs for portable devices are offered featuring a withstand voltage up to 28V and multiple built-in protection circuits, including overvoltage lockout, overcurrent limiter, undervoltage malfunction prevention, startup delay, and status flag, that provide the necessary protection for mobile phones, bluetooth headphones, camcorders, cameras and other consumer products.

Our EDLC (Electric Double-Layer Capacitor) monitoring ICs, integrate all necessary functions, making them ideal for applications in renewable energy power storage for automotive systems, production machinery, building machinery, UPS, and other devices that stabilize power supplies.

Additional products include li-ion battery monitoring ICs optimized for larger standalone battery packs such as those used with power tools.

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