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The PWM control IC for AC/DC "BM1P066FJ" provides an optimum system for all products that include an electrical outlet. A built-in start circuit that withstands 650 V helps to keep power consumption low. Both isolated and non-isolated versions are supported, making for simpler design of various types of low-power converters. Switching MOSFET and current detection resistors are external devices, thus achieving a higher degree of freedom in power supply design. The switching frequency is set as fixed. Since current mode control is used, a current limit is imposed in each cycle, and excellent performance is demonstrated in bandwidth and transient response. With a light load, frequency is reduced and higher efficiency is realized. A frequency hopping function is also built in, contributing to low EMI. Also on chip are soft start and burst functions, a per-cycle overcurrent limiter, VCC overvoltage protection, overload protection, and other protection functions.

* This is a standard-grade product.
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