Automotive, Thin reflector type, RGB chip LED

SMLVN6RGBFU is an automotive grade RGBLED of high brightness compliant with AEC-Q102. The flat frame structure provides high color mixing performance in a low profile package.

Product Detail

Part Number | SMLVN6RGBFU1
Status | Recommended
Package | SMLVN6
Unit Quantity | 1000
Minimum Package Quantity | 1000
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes
Product Longevity Program | 10 Years


Package Type

Triple Color / Reflector

LED Type

High Brightness


Car Interior

Package size[mm]

3.5x2.8 (t=0.6)

Emitting color

Red / Green / Blue

Dominant wave-length λD(Multi)(Typ.)[nm]

621 / 525 / 470

Luminous Intensity(Multi)(Typ.)[mcd]

750 / 1800 / 430

Number of Brightness Rank


Forward Voltage VF (Typ.) [V]

2.1 / 3.3 / 3.3

IF @ VF [mA]


Chip Structure


Power Dissipation [mW]


Operating Temperature[°C]

-40 to 100

Storage Temperature [°C]

-40 to 100

Common Standard

AEC-Q102 (Automotive Grade)

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  • High Brightness Tri-Color LEDs
  • Low height and improved color mixture made possible by flat frame structure.
  • Silicon Resin Type

Supporting Information



Generally, developing RGB chip LEDs that emit light at the specified color requires precise control of the wavelength and brightness of the mounted red, green, and blue (RGB) elements individually and methods to enhance color-mixing capability. ROHM has minimized element color variation over general products by utilizing a vertically integrated production system from the element fabrication stage - one of ROHM's strengths. At the same time, original element color mixing control technology reduces color variations caused by color mixing that tends to occur in RGB chip LEDs, resulting in accurate color expression required in automotive interiors. ROHM also supports detailed color matching tailored to user specifications with the chromaticity simulation system.

Comparison of Color Variation Due to Color Mixing: ROHM’s RGB Chip LED vs Standard Product

Application Examples

◇ Indicators for function/status display: Instrument clusters, CID, car audio/navigation, heater control, etc.
◇ Automotive Ambient lighting: footwells, roof, handles, cup holders, etc.


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