SMLD12E2N1W - Documentation

SMLD12E2N1W has a long life and the residual luminous rate exceeds 90% even after 1000 hours (under Ta=85℃,IF=20mA).

White Paper

ROHM Automotive Lighting Solutions
This paper proposes automotive lighting solutions that combine LED driver ICs required for LED lighting control along with compact high reliability LEDs. we will introduce the market needs for LED driver ICs, ROHM’s new LED driver IC, ROHM LEDs Optimized for automotive applications.

Application Note

About LED Devices
Explains the principles and manufacturing methods of the devices used in LED products
How to read LED characteristics data
This section explains how to view typical characteristic data.
Thermal Resistance of LEDs
This section describes the thermal resistance required for a thermal design that does not exceed the maximum rated temperature.
About LED Package
This section describes commonly used LED packaging.
About LED Parallel Circuits
This section explains the causes of uneven LED brightness caused by problems in the LED parallel circuit.
Relationship between Recommended LED Soldering Pattern and Solder Amount
The following is an explanation of the relationship between the recommended soldering pattern and the amount of solder.
Electrostatic Breakdown of LEDs
Since LED products are categorized as having a lower electrostatic breakage resistance than other semiconductor products, this section discusses antistatic measures.
Chromaticity Classification of LEDs in RGB Color Mixing
We propose RGB LEDs that are easy to use by selecting the chromaticity of device combinations and mixing colors when lit.
Degradation of luminous intensity of blue and white products due to long-term use of LEDs
We introduce the mechanism of luminous intensity degradation and LED products with low luminous intensity degradation even when used for a long time.
Relationship between LED Chip Position and Directivity
This section explains the relationship between the light intensity of some products, which varies depending on the direction of the product during mounting.
About LED Optical Unit
This section describes the optical units used in LEDs.
The relationship between LED luminous intensity and luminous flux
This section explains the relationship between luminous intensity and luminous flux .
LED Manual
For LED operation