PICOLED™ series - SML-P12U2T(R)

ROHM's PICOLED™-Using its second-to-none merits from ultra-small & ultra-thin configuration, ultra-fine LED matrices beyond common sense can be made, boosting the level of expression ultimately. Also, this device is indispensable for future design-in for whatever application requiring downsizing.


Download SPICE Model for SML-P12U2T(R)
Optical Simulation - Ray Data (Format for LightTools)
Download Ray Data for SML-P12U2T(R)


3D STEP Data
Download 3D STEP Data for SML-P12U2T(R)
Parasolid X_T File
Download Parasolid X_T File for SML-P12U2T(R)
3D eDrawings Data
Download 3D eDrawings Data for SML-P12U2T(R)

Characteristics Data

ESD Data
For SML-P12U2T(R)
Thermal Resistance
For SML-P12U2T(R)