CAN FD Transceiver for Automotive

BD41044FJ-C is a transceiver LSI for CAN-FD communication (Fully ISO 11898-2:2016 compliant). It is equipped with circuitry that functions as transmitter and receiver, necessary for High-speed CAN-FD communication (up to 5Mbps)

Product Detail

Part Number | BD41044FJ-CE2
Status | Recommended
Package | SOP-J8
Unit Quantity | 2500
Minimum Package Quantity | 2500
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes

Functional Safety:

Category : FS supportive
A product that has been developed for automotive use and is capable of supporting safety analysis with regard to the functional safety.


Product Category

High-speed CAN FD

Supported Standards



Standby Mode, Bus Wake Up, SPLIT Pin

Data Rates (Max.)[Mbps]


Supply Voltage (Min.) [V]


Supply Voltage (Max.) [V]


Bus Fault Voltage [V]

-27 to 40

Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C]


Package Size [mm]

4.9x6 (t=1.65)

Common Standard

AEC-Q100 (Automotive Grade)

Find Similar


  • AEC-Q100 Qualified(Grade1)
  • Transmission Rate of 40kbps to 5Mbps
  • Power Saving Mode Correspondence
  • SPLIT Voltage Output for Stabilizing Recessive Bus Level
  • Under Voltage Detection Function
  • Thermal Shutdown (TSD) Function
  • TXD Dominant Time-out Function(Normal Mode)
  • CAN Bus Dominant Time-out Function(Standby Mode)
  • Bus Wake-up Capability

Reference Design / Application Evaluation Kit

    • Reference Design - REF66006
    • LED Rear Lamp, Turn Lamp, Stop Lamp
    • By changing the lamp to LED, it reduces power consumption, increases brightness, improves visibility, and improves safety by lighting during the day. BD18333EUV-M is a 24-channel independently controllable LED driver that contributes to higher performance rear lamps.

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