• Are LEXIDE-U16 and LEXIDE-Ω projects compatible?
    • LEXIDE-Ω is upward compatible with LEXIDE-U16.
      When using a LEXIDE-U16 project with the LEXIDE-Ω, convert it to a LEXIDE-Ω project.
      Please follow the steps below to convert to a LEXIDE-Ω project.
       1) Select the project and right click
       2) Select [Configure] from the pop-up menu
       3) Select [Converter to LEXIDE-Ω Project]
      Note that LEXIDE-Ω projects cannot be used with the LEXIDE-U16.
      When converting a LEIXDE-U16 project for LEXIDE-Ω, save the original project before converting.
    • Products: General-purpose MCUs (16bit)