• How can I estimate a stack consumption amount?
    • The stack consumption amount can be calculated by referring to an error list file "*.ler" and call tree list file "*.cal" which are output during a build operation.

      Execute [Compile/Assemble Option] in the IDEU8 project menu.
      Select the [Output Error List] and [Output Call Tree] check boxes on the [Listing] tab.
      Execute [Build] in the project menu to output the error list file "*.ler" (stack consumption amount) and call tree list file "*.cal" (function call list).
      The lists are output for each source file.

      Calculate the stack consumption amount as shown in the figure. For details, refer to "3.2 How To Calculate Stack Consumption Amount" in "CCU8 Programming Guide".
      Note that when an interrupt is generated, add the stack consumption amount used by the interrupt.

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