• ICE error: 6604H is now displayed when debugging the ML62Q1000 series.
    The manual states that "control of the target LSI has failed". Please tell me how to deal with it.
    • There may be a problem with the connection between the emulator and the target system, or with the target LSI. Please check the following.
      (1) Check the connection between EASE1000 V2 and the target system, and restart each of EASE1000 V2 and the target system.
      (2) If you write the program that sets the P00 / TEST0 pin to output mode to the LSI, it will not be able to communicate with EASE1000 V2, and you will not be able to debug using EASE1000 V2. Please check the written program. In this case, the contents of the flash memory of the LSI cannot be rewritten. Therefore, if you continue to use EASE1000 V2, replace the LSI.
      (3) The LSI may have failed for some reason. Replace the LSI.

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